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Let it snow, really?

I was just getting ready for frost on the pumpkin and not quite considering the possiblity snow.
Since there is not much we can do about this (besides grumble) I will quick post a few reminders that I would normally not do until later in the year.

Outer wear is appropriate for some, not necessary for all. Limit exposure to extreme cold.
If you use salt or some other alternatives on your outside surfaces, keep in mind they can be an irritant to pads/feet.
Snow consumption while amusing to watch can be a gastrointensinal upset waiting to happen.

Mobility issues can be accelerated due to depth of snow or slips on ice.Antifreeze  Extreme caution, attractive to animals. extremely Toxic. If your pet consumes any Antifreeze seek medical attention immediately.

See you tomorrow after I finish digging myself out. 

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