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November is Pet Diabetes Awareness Month!

by Alyse

The month of November brings along chilly temperatures andmore layers of clothing - but is that the only thing you've seen a change in?

Maybe you have noticed the water dish looking a littleemptier than usual, more potty breaks, or a little extra couch time for yourpet.

Many people are astonished to find out that our beloved petscan develop diabetes, too.

Which is why themonth of November is dedicated to educate, you, the pet owners, so you can knowthe signs. As you know, the health ofyour pet's is dear to our hearts.

So what is diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that affects the sugar (glucose) levelin the blood. When glucose travels through the bloodstream, it is absorbed intocells with the help of insulin. Insulin is produced by the pancreas. Howeversometimes, there is a lack of insulin, or inability to properly utilize it,which prohibits the sugar from being absorbed.

What are the signs?

Common warning signs are excessive thirst and urination,increase appetite - but losing weight, lethargy, less grooming (cats), or thin,dull haircoat.

Are there any risk factors?

Certain risk factors include: Age, genetics, breed type(dogs), and OBESITY.

Keeping your pet at a healthy weight can help prevent them frombeing predisposed to a long list of health conditions.

Although there is no cure for diabetes, with the proper petcare and education, your pet can live a happy & healthy life withappropriate preventive and management programs instructed by your veterinarian.

As a hospital, we will be there every step of the way tomake sure your questions are answered, and your mind is put to ease!

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