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End of a busy day

Today was a satisfying day. We said hello to some old friends and welcomed some new friends to our TSVMG family. In addition to our wellness exams, we performed a few dentistrys, a cystotomy, (the surgical removal of stones that formed in a a bladder, ouch!) and many skin issues were addressed. I want to remind everyone that though this is a horrible flea season this year, we are also seeing many seasonal allergy reactions. Ear  & body scratching, excessive paw licking are just a couple of signs you might see. We have many products to help relieve these symptoms. Some pets like some people suffer to the extreme and require additional medical therapy. We offer allergy testing and a large selection of limited ingredient diets for pets who's symptoms become chronic. Give us a call if you have any concerns. I also want to mention that we have Furminator deShedding tools in stock. Great for removing and maintaining undercoat, matting and general excess fur removal. This time of year my cats start presenting me with hairballs ( oh joy) on a daily basis. A combined attack program using The Furminator & Laxatone when needed reduces the amount of "little gifts" I find.

Have a great night everyone, I am going home to hug my gang. Sherri

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