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Before you visit that low cost vaccine clinic

Before you go to that low cost vaccine clinic Please read this:

The single most important thing your vet does for your pet is a Physical Exam.
After a head to tail physical exam and a dialogue to determine the pets health concerns,
living environment, social activities and activity level the pet owner and Veterinarian 
should determine the vaccine protocol best suited for each individual pet. 
These needs may change as your pet ages therefore a yearly or bi- annual exam is the first step to preventive health care.

A recent observation:
A local shelter recently ran a low cost vaccine clinic in our area.
A few of our clients thought they would save a little money and help the shelter at the same time.

 1) Both of their dogs received vaccines that were not due for another 2 years. 

2) Lyme vaccines are NOT all alike. Many veterinarians are using second generation lyme vaccines.
( for more info)
 I verified that this was not the case at the clinic so in fact the dogs received a vaccine inferior to the one they had been receiving.

3) One of the dogs was being monitored for cancer. We most likely would not have given vaccines at all other than the law required rabies vaccine. (Sometimes even the rabies vaccine is exempt for medical reasons.)

The attending veterinarians had posted online that the average was 90 seconds per pet.
This is what I call poke & hope. The pets get poked and you hope there was no medical reason not to vaccinate this animal. So...after you have read this and before you go to that vaccine clinic, take your pet to the vet, get an exam and if you are still heading out to that vaccine clinic let your veterinarian help you decide which vaccines your pet needs.

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