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My Golden Retriever puppy

I recently adopted a Golden Retriever puppy. He has been doing great with training, he knows "sit", "stay", and "drop it". He has been awesome with housetraining. But the one thing that I am having trouble with is mouthing/biting. He doesn't chew on furniture or various other items he isn't supposed to; just hands he seems to love. I have tried different disiplining techniques. I've used sternly stating "no bite", and giving him his toys/bones to chew on. I've tried gently pinching his lips, placing my hand in his mouthm and closing his mouth shut; nothing seems to phase him. He realizes he isn't suppose to bite because he immediately gives kisses or even turn his mouthing into a yawn! I think I will start biting him back on his ear when he bites my fingers, it's worth a try!

Hopefully he grows out of this stage soon before his big boy teeth come in! He is a good, sweet boy besides his mouthing issues and I love him to pieces!

-Kristyn, Veterinary Assistant

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