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Look into my Eyes

"Look into my Eyes"

Take the time to look closely at your pets eyes so you know what they look like normally. There should be minimal or no discharge collected in or around the eyelids. The whites of the globe  (the sclera) should be relatively white. There may be a few visible vessels, but they should not be overly pink, red or yellow. The surface of the globe concocts of a clear dome called the cornea. If this surface is cloudy, while or red obstructing the view of the pupil or iris, there is a problem. The  iris gives   the eyeball its color (blue, brown, black, green, hazel, etc).  Sometimes there are black or colored flecks within the iris that are normal for a particular individual. But sometimes   these flecks are abnormal and need further examination by a veterinarian. The width  of the iris and the size of the pupil can change according to the intensity of the environmental light. You will also be able to see the retinal flare, like the red eye one sees from the fleas of a camera. Different species have different color flares ( red, yellow, green, orange).

By knowing what your pets eyes normally look like you  should be able to detect  changes that suggest disease processes that should be handled by your veterinary healthcare team. If you see anything  different than usual please schedule an examination by your veterinarian

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